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3:14 AM
Why is it worth having a branded email?

Why is it worth having a branded email? An email address on your own domain, that is, name@your_site. And now, in order. I came across confirmation from Google of my business for one company. And the solution to the issue of urgent addition to the map was email. But as usual, no one knows anything, they have a domain, but there is no website as such. 

So, what I've done for my own website? I created a resource, or rather, parked a domain and connected mail. The whole procedure took about an hour. We were able to receive the code from Google via branded mail and the company was verified. By the way, they often request access because they need to declare ownership of an existing point on the map. And when it is not possible to do this via phone. Although this is also not a problem, now you can purchase the required number from the operator on the website, unless of course it is busy.

In conclusion, I would like to say that some services on the Internet require registration on their resources only through an email address on their own domain. And the corporate rules of large organizations require employees to correspond in such mail. Although many small and medium-sized businesses now indicate personal information on business cards, and this is not considered bad form as before.

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