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7:46 AM
Why is it useful to write on the site about what is scarce on the Internet

Why is it useful to write on the site about what is scarce on the Internet. Let's start with the fact that an ordinary computer user, having asked Google a question and not finding an answer, simply moves on to other matters. More advanced ones change and shorten search phrases, and even search in a foreign segment.

The day before yesterday I wrote an article about how you can turn off the Internet at home or in the office with one turn on a twisted pair cable. Moreover, this is not the first case in my practice, so I myself asked how to be a person who sees such an action, but does not know whether it is right or not.

Of course, I asked the search engine a short question, and on the first try I didn’t find anything sensible. Still rummaging, I realized that at the moment a person in Ukraine, having asked this, will not open it. Decided to write a note for others. A day later, it is already in the search indexing.

That is why unique (rare) posts on any subject are very useful for promoting a resource, unless of course you are doing something on it!

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