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7:52 AM
Why is it better to choose a CMS in which you can get into the code

Why go there if everything works well? I also once thought so, until I got into the jungle of website promotion. Whatever it was, drag-and-drop constructors often prohibit code editing, or allow it to be done in the most expensive package, and even then not everywhere. Everyone's favorite wordpress or rather the com project does not allow the above described. Well, if you download, install it yourself on your hosting, then please. But for many, this is higher mathematics, it’s easier to take a lightweight constructor, then advertise if possible. You yourself understand what everything is designed for, or the master makes the site once, adds it where necessary, gives you, as the owner, good advice on promotion. Or you always think about where to get money for advertising, since the product or service is not for sale.

And it happens that it's free and located? Relatively recently, I talked about the market, but due to circumstances in the country, they have not been working for more than two weeks. I hope everything will be fine, this is not the first call to me with a question - what is there. Since there is little information on the Internet about this service. By the way, from the code they can only add Google webmaster and analytics. By the way, I also have a backup site there, but I wouldn’t do it as the main one, since I personally lack many subtleties in the settings)

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