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2:41 AM
Why I don't put advertisements on my site

I hear this question from many of my acquaintances who have known me for a long time. You have such traffic, and more than 200 hosts per day. But it's a well-worn topic that I used to have ads from Google AdSense on my site. Over time, he abandoned this idea. Why? Well, the main reason is the display of competitors' sites, not that I'm afraid, it's just annoying.

For example, well-known news portals simply abound with advertising banners. But there is a different approach to this, and the most important number of visitors is millions. And that's why they can afford it.

Do I advertise on other sites? And, of course, I tell many people about it. I have a number of message boards running Google AdSense. And quite a long time ago. But the original idea of the resources themselves was to be able to put links from the sites of their clients. It seems like a permanent bonus, and most importantly, a decent one.

You can put advertisements on your site if, for example, there is a company that wants to place their products or service on you. Simply put advertising without intermediaries!

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