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1:24 AM
Why does Google my business not always show reviews

Why does Google my business not always show reviews, I ask myself this question, because it’s unreal to find an answer in Google. It happened that my friends wrote reviews, but they are not shown. Moreover, everything is fine in their map, it throws off the screen, it has a review. I don't see them on my profile to this day.

What are my assumptions about this? First, all reviews, or partially undergo pre-moderation, or rather, I think they are passed through a certain dash filter algorithm. Especially if the same person writes a review to different companies, but owned by the same owner. Or the person is next to the person who wrote it, or, to put it more simply, the type of winding he wrote himself, show it to a friend. I also noticed such a thing that when you turn off Wi-Fi and connect to 4G in your smartphone, Google somehow imperceptibly uses the GPS position, thereby calculating the location. Although, frankly, people who come to a cafe or office, for example, write more often at the place, since the owners ask them to do so. Or, in a friendly manner, they take the phone and type themselves.

Just recently, Google removed partial reviews from many companies. I compared this situation with competing companies that I looked at earlier. And what do you think? Similar story and removal of up to 80% of reviews. So, if you don’t have a customer review at your point of sale, don’t think that this is a glitch, this happens in GMB.

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