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Where to find icons, pictures, fonts for the site

Where can I find icons, pictures, photos, fonts for the site? The question that is asked by those who have nothing to fill the site with, but it is necessary.

For all kinds of mail icons, messengers, maps and more, I recommend the flaticon service. Here you can find icons in PNG and SVG format, which makes them universal for everything. Other formats can be made from these.

Photos and pictures are officially free to use from pixabay service and similar ones. Although to be honest, many copy from others and also use it. Violation of it entails various troubles from a domain ban by a registrar to an account blocking by a hoster.

Everything about fonts is simple, there are safe ones that open always and everywhere, the list of them is about 10 pieces, if you wish, you can take any font from Google Fonts to the site. Now icon fonts are very popular on resources, the necessary ones appear by inserting them into the site code. Who is not satisfied with the thousands of fonts that are on the Internet, there are even online designers of their own fonts.

In a separate word, I would like to recall about the colors of HTML. My personal opinion is that they should be safe. Because you always need to remember that not everyone on the screens has the same type of matrix!

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