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What is included in the cost of the site?

What is included in the cost of the site?
This question is being asked more and more often, and this is not surprising since in my proposal it is more than just creating a website. Under the word promotion or promotion, many people understand something super complex. And many row well for this, knowing about the illiteracy of the customer. What is it all around.

Of course, in order to normally find your site, you need to add it to the webmaster tools of the main search engines like Google or Bing.
Be sure the organization or person who operates has an address and therefore I add its place and site to Google maps. It's also called Google My Business. There is also an app for the phone. It's very convenient for those who are not at the computer.
Do you have a lot of information on the site? A very sure thing would be to create and install a custom search from Google, which is what I'm doing. Because the standard search is not always, and most importantly, everything can be found.
Maintaining full site statistics ? And here again, installing the Google Analytics code comes to our aid.
After the normal content of the site, I add it to social bookmarks or in simple terms in my social networks I create a link to the created resource. And it's very good for promotion. Moreover, if you wish, you can create pages of a person or company in the popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, Lidken, Tumblr and do cross-posting there. The latter copies your news from the site and places it on your social network page. For ease of use, users have the opportunity to make comments through social networks.
Adding to well-known message boards gives a good result, but not all of them allow you to insert a link to the site.
Also, a good tool for the initial promotion of the site is the creation of a small video with its subsequent placement on YouTube with a description and a mandatory link to the resource.
And the last attention of the client himself to his site, oddly enough, not everyone finds time to follow and fill it. If such a situation develops, then you need to pay for advertising. Or you immediately want to be above everyone in the search, but here the price depends on your subject and it's not yet known whether it will give you a result or not. Do not forget about competitors who can call you out from advertising.
This is what is included in my cost of creating a website. I forgot to say about support, in my understanding, site support is helping the customer if something incomprehensible happens on his resource, and not pulling out money for support once a month.

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