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What benefits does Google Search Console provide to a webmaster?

What benefits does Google Search Console provide to a webmaster? A lot has been written about this, I’ll try to tell you in simple language what’s what. First and foremost, you can see the effectiveness of your website. Moreover, insights have appeared that shows all achievements in a simple way. The full report can be downloaded in an Excel spreadsheet. 

As we know, a sitemap is not always indexed quickly by Google. Therefore, up to 10 links per day can be added to the search manually. What is convenient, especially on those systems where it is difficult to generate sitemaps. 

Displaying external and internal links of the site. How many and who links to which pages. Adding other users with their own roles. Linking Google services, such as analytics and others. Indexing, quality, improvement. In a word, there are a lot of chips that are worth using. And the most important thing is to pay attention if something is not working very well. 

If you have more than one resource, it is very convenient to switch. If you miss adding a link, they will tell you that it does not apply to this resource. For many beginners, it is difficult to confirm ownership; you simply upload the file provided by Google via a file manager to the website, or via FTP access. 

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