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Website promotion in the USA, or how they do it more often

I haven’t written about websites for a long time and just recently I was asked for help from the USA to promote a website, or rather an online store. Well, let's start with the fact that here the situation with sites is a little different. As it often looks like, a one-page site is normally simply made and it's being advertised on Google, or on a well-known trading platform like etsy with a similar action. Of course, Facebook and Instagram are also taken into account, into which certain amounts must also be poured.

I once had a good experience building a website in New York for an appliance repair company, and I'll tell you what. At first, they also advertised, but the further they went, the more they realized that costs and incomes began to almost equalize. That's when we realized that we need a full-fledged website with unique texts and photos. By the way, the uniqueness was solved simply, they took the text from other sites in the language and translated it correctly.

A big plus for the emergence of new customers is also Google my business, which the child probably does not know about now. The point is that the company is shown on the Google map in the first page of the search. Of course, it all depends on the setting, and on where the client makes the request, that is, the location by geolocation. Well, positive reviews that will have a very good effect on visiting the specified page of the site, if you don’t have them, Google will give you for free with the domain. In the latter, you can post news in the form of a blog, add products, promotions and events. And most importantly, such a site is very well indexed by Google, its own shirt close the body! If I used to think that such a site was a one-page site, now I see the opposite. And I would like to add about other service, Google sites have now become very good in terms of settings, but it’s better to have your own domain there. For writers, I recommend Google, they will also give you a free domain name.

Well, about the resource that they asked to see, I can’t write the site itself, the secret of the customer. I can say this, it was made on a very well-known marketplace on the Internet, which in the control panel is somewhat reminiscent of WordPress, but sharpened for an online store. Although out of the box, as in WordPress, there is a blog module, you can write a description for the goods and there is good internal analytics. But the sitemap generation (sitemap.xml file) is not correct.

Conclusion, many pages of the site described above are indexed, you need to pay attention to the site map, the uniqueness of product texts and start blogging. Well, other chips from Google can also be used, because it's free;)

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