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Website development consultation

As you know, we provide free consultations on the creation and promotion of a website, as well as an online store. Due to the fact that more and more resources have appeared on the Internet for ordinary users, it is not difficult for them to create the same Google my business, or a page in a tilde and suchlike.

It makes no sense to hide something from the client, quite a lot of text about websites and promotion has already been written on the network. For me personally, I need a customer who is solvent.

Of course, the above does not apply to regular customers. How often do customers find websites? People call and write, I consult them in detail, and after a month or more they look at everything, investigate, and as a result, we start working.

How to approach the site correctly? Not with the choice of domain or template, but with the cost-effectiveness of creation. Google trend is a powerful tool that can tell you according to the words of the future resource how much they are in demand in the search. And the same free site that Google gives to my business can be perfectly indexed, provided that you keep it, that is, fill it with photos, news. And this is not a landing site, as many people think, it is more of a long read. From my business vending machine, news, photos, reviews appear on the site.

I am always happy to advise adequate people, because I know from experience that after a while they will return to me already at work :)

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