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There is no desire to fill the site, but I want it to work

I have already written a lot about this personally. Sites vary from business cards to stores. But in order for the resource to promote itself without investment in advertising, it must be filled with unique information. Which is texts, images etc. In the latter, the description is important, and the images are based on it.

News, blogs, articles.. It doesn't matter what it's called, it's important that you get the search engine interested in the whole thing. No, of course, a person can also read, but in nowadays, only a few people do it, especially among young people.

A good article is not enough, it must be supported by the right title and micro-markup. And be sure to attach at least one image. Which is also displayed next to the article on the right in the Google search. Adding links to your social networks will also be a good ranking tool, in well-known site creation systems this can be done automatically, such as cross-posting.

There is no desire to fill the site, but you want it to work? Miracles do not happen, they can spend far from much on advertising. All the more so, as competitors can trigger these investments if they wish. Being only in famous social networks is not enough. The first question when a client calls the company is whether you have a website where you can view products or services. And from personal experience, when there is no response yet, or it does not work, you should understand the reaction.

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