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2:28 AM
Site by template: is it good or bad?

Site by template: is it good or bad? Very often, people who are starting to make their own site are driven into their heads that the site template is bad.

You need your own one. Strange as it may seem, the concept of the main blocks on websites has long been accepted in the world. This is the top of the site, as they say, the header, the body of the site with or without a sidebar, this is a separate conversation to which we will return. And the bottom of the site is called "the basement". As well as convenient trends, this is a floating menu, up buttons and adding to social networks. Any pop-up capture and feedback forms. And most importantly, adaptability to all gadgets, such as mobile phones and tablets.

But back to templates, different systems for creating a site have quite a few of them. Changing fonts, colors, indents, and the like is not difficult for the master. But making a template from scratch is a huge piece of work, and it's not cheap. Perhaps this can be compared with a car, when you come to the salon you can choose the color and options, but for serious tuning you have to pay a lot. And then you need to ask yourself a question: "Do I really need it?"

The frame or skeleton of the site can be designed beyond recognition. Moreover, when faced with this, I see how many masters do not even remove information from the code on the template itself. It is clear that not everyone will watch it either. Some don't like the sidebar in the templates, this is the column that you see on the right or left. But there is a concept, the convenience of reading material from the monitor screen, this area is from 700 to 1000 pixels, and more is simply not comfortable for the human eye. And these are generally accepted concepts in site building, in tablets and phones, the container moves below the main field, and the text is like rubber to the width of the device. Although, for example, the main page is now in many templates for the entire field and is made for a landing page, which is also partly correct.

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