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Remote creation of a site with a foreign client

Remote creation of a site with a foreign client, or how this thing happens for me. Just a couple of days ago there was a call to one of the messengers about this. So I decided to write a small note for those who want to have a foreign resource for a sane amount.

Of course, the foreign customer has enough questions for me, although I described all this as best I could. What concerns future foreign clients most of all, rightly, is the issue of trust. And hundreds, thousands of kilometers is a significant factor, not everyone will immediately trust me. More often they look at how an example is first added to a Facebook group and only then, after seeing openness, they contact. They immediately contact through acquaintances who know me very well in the field of site building.

Like, the work on creating a resource for the United States, but the best way to do it is remotely. First, the client sees everything clearly, there are no hidden and incomprehensible payments. Hosting, if necessary, the domain is purchased with it. With it, an account is created, and the initial settings of the site are made. I use only one trick in which the customer does not receive full access until there is a first payment for labor. You understand dishonorable people are everywhere, and abroad is no exception.

Second, the foreign partner receives bonuses in the form of cleaning his computer and other settings. And more often this needs to be done, because remote control when creating a site and assistance in learning how to maintain it, and other subtleties of such work. Thirdly, my friends get a good reward for referring customers, and especially when the customer is from the USA.

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