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2:56 AM
Need a site for a rare product or service on the Internet?

I sometimes argue about this with clients. On the one hand, the resource does not seem to be needed, there are enough bulletin boards. Since the query in the search will give out the right for future buyers. Plus, a good addition is a minimal video on the YouTube service.

A holy place is never empty. Seeing how others sell rare goods and services to those who have seen and felt, I want to repeat again. But as it often happens, repeating it turns out badly, so, you need to understand many subtleties, materials, technologies and other things.

The site in the event of the appearance of competitors is, as it were, proof that a person or company, even with one product, service, is a leader and stands out from others. Copying people that do not even think, for them it often means for a quick profit. 

A friend of mine had a recent case, and he periodically repeats. The goods are very rare, which asked not to write. When people buy, they try to make it at home, and, accordingly, it turns out through one place. They put up crooked products with a low price, as a result, after a while they disappear from the Internet.

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