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Is everything written on the Internet, or does Google know something?

Is everything written on the Internet, or does Google know something? I started the story this way because I often ask unusual requests for my work in the world search engine. It seems that the Internet has firmly entered our lives, through computers, mobile phones and other similar devices. Without it, it's like before, without television. It would seem that there are millions of sites on different topics, but it is not always possible to find something you need, but it is more correct to say a clear answer to your search query.

Yes, if he is talking about something ordinary, then the answers are more than enough, but highly specialized topics are still not described very well. And it is understandable that specialists in such cases do not want to reveal their cards, since this is their income.

I recently set out to find an external router and only after digging deeply did I find the answer to my question.

Flipping through the news pages of my website, I am more and more convinced that it is necessary to write not only something unique, but also something that can surprise other people who are searching for unusual phrases in Google :)

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