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How websites help services in business

How websites help services in my business, very few people talk about it on the Internet. But I dare to write about it. And I'll start from the past, when many sites created so-called satellites for sites. For the global resource, small sites were made that referred to the main one, hence the name. But search engines have long been fighting against the similarity described above, and therefore many act differently.

What do big companies and those who know how to correctly present information, and make several websites in simple language. Yes, you understand that, but I also have a few more resources besides this.

Let's see what can not be done on them? The first and most important thing is to repeat contacts: phones, instant messengers and more. Either the number should be different, or in the image, it is also convenient to use a QR code to scan into a smartphone.

Links to the main site are better not to put direct links, because search engines do not like this in this case. More often, companies with money make 2-3 sites with the same subject matter with different contact details. Just a couple of months ago, I encountered it when I was monitoring prices for billiard tables at the request of a client.

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