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How to protect texts from being copied from your site

How to protect texts from being copied from your site. In principle, in any way, there are practically no ways to protect against this. Of course, you can protect the resource, for example, with a script to prohibit the right mouse click, downloading the site, and more. But again, there are programs that can capture from the screen, and other images are translated into text. And whatever one may say, it is possible to copy everything on the Internet.

Now it is fashionable to talk about how ChatGPT writes and rewrites texts cool. Like, better than a person, artificial intelligence is inherently just a very powerful server in which the program algorithms are embedded. Several times he threw his notes there, and to be honest, he rewrites and writes in a very peculiar way. For example, three times in paragraphs it repeated "by a professional team", although I work alone !

Personal opinion is that AI will not be able to replace the authors of good and unique content for a long time. Only a rewriter with extensive experience, and most importantly with an understanding of what the source is writing about, will be able to remake the article beyond recognition, leaving the same meaning in it.

Of the secrets that are asked about, pay attention to the portal sites of famous media. They have two or three language versions of news feeds. This is done not only for the convenience of the reader, but also for protection. Why ? The thing is that Google texts translated into another language can be considered unique. I have personal experience I took it for a foreign resource;)

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