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How to make links on the site

How to make links on the site. I would like to touch on this topic a little, since opinions on the Internet are very different. I will express my opinion, because I have experience with this for more than ten years.

I'll start with what many consider wrong, these are external links to other resources. Most masters agree that you need to buy links, and a young site should link to a minimum. As for the first, a big question, since Google has been struggling with this for a long time. Especially if there is no money for links, the flight is immediately very far, and good ones cost a lot in the complex. But referencing well-known resources such as Wikipedia and the like is very useful. Although most well-known portals do this through proxying, that is, a link shortener. Which I also use , but in most cases due to very long URLs that do not work directly.

Internal resource links. The more the better, plus relinking, this is when the article contains a link to another or static page of the site. Chaos in the sitemap file (sitemap) for search engines is very useful!

About anchors, not to be confused with links. And in general, they are needed for chronicle articles, that is, very long ones. To move up and down inside. Landing sites (single-page) also use this.

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