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2:26 AM
How to make a website interesting and popular

How to make a website interesting and popular is a question I often get asked. The answer is simple, write more unique about your products, services and more. Arrange holidays for your potential customers. Run promotions. Engage them in your social networks, make them ask questions and write reviews.

If the site is young, allow users to do the things they said before without registering, but with verification. Be loyal, don't block them over trifles. Do not load the site with advertising, and if it is new, then I think it should not be at all. Put a call back button, don't make it too bright. Also, the posts of pages in social networks shouldn't be huge and jumping. You don’t need to make a Christmas tree from the site by colors, but by types of fonts, use a few maximum.

Of course, I am for the adaptability of the site size on any device, but you can also have a separate mobile version. Regarding active contact links, phones must be a link by clicking on which your potential client calls from a mobile phone by opening the site. This also applies to messengers.

Properly develop your sites and they will thank you!

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