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How to fill the site without the help of an administrator

Yes, the speed of providing information is very important nowadays. How often do I see my sites where the information has not changed for several years. And more about the question "Why?" there is no new thing, then one and the other. Why am I all this? In addition, no matter how much some people like uCoz, but for the simplicity of adding information to the site, it is best to say no. I recently redid a friend's website. The site management system is its own, it seems to be similar to Joomla, only it is neutered. But this is understandable since many masters write about the large amount of extra code in it and the load on the server.
I introduced my friend to uCoz, now he doesn't want another one. Of course, there would be even more templates, it's a matter of time.
Now there are many simple and beautiful site management systems in terms of adding information for the average user. But besides filling, not many people are allowed to go further into the code. Yukoz's offspring uKit is also an example of that.
We create a site with the client, the client himself fills it with information without difficulty, and then I add it to search systems and other actions for promotion. The customer sees the result and is billed for the work done. In simple words, the client pays for the creation of the shell and promotion, filling for him. And I don't call and I don't persuade him to give information, he himself is interested in it, and the main thing is that it's very easy for him to do it. And I can correct that.
I am often asked how to distinguish between rights, for example, today responsible moderator edits texts.
He works for filling the site, but will he quit tomorrow? It's just that there is an administrator and there is also a moderator, his title is below.
And yet, how does he keep track of all this on the site, it's simple, notifications about what is happening instantly arrive in the mailbox. Rude people and spammers are blocked with one click.
Filling the site and tracking its users is no more difficult than working in the Word editor, especially if your site is on uCoz.
An important security issue of the site, on uCoz it can be hacked only if the password is known from the mail. But even if this happens, there is a confirmed mobile phone of the owner and a secret question, not only that, you can write in support to provide documents (scanned by mail) and after consideration the site will be returned to the owner! The experience was already there. In a word, you need to be quite a beginner in computers in order to have a website on this system.
Last little advice from myself, don't administer your site on other people's, unverified computers, I don't think it's necessary to tell why.

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