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5:53 AM
How to breed on the terms of reference of the site

As I wrote about the terms of reference for the site, now I want to return to this issue because I recently met with a new customer on the site.

Now, for those who still opened it and saw 20 pages to study, tell me a person who is busy, a private entrepreneur who works by himself from morning to evening, will he delve into this? Yes, that's right, of course not. But there are those who, without knowledge, try to fill it out, and these are bred on the terms of reference of the site. They say we will fill everything for you, just give your consent, and pay a little extra.

Make a sample, show, correct with the customer: choose a photo and approve the site menu and add some points on google maps. For this I devote 2-3 hours of my time, and together with the client we work on his resource. One meeting in which we buy a domain and park, the above points. And other one finishes the nuances, we shake hands, but more often my clients work with me further on other services.

It is a personal matter of every person who wants to create a website, whether to fill out the terms of reference for him or not. I do not argue in serious projects it is extremely necessary, but in 80 percent it does not make sense!

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