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How long does it take for a website to get well indexed

In order for the site to be well indexed, everything must be done correctly on it . The question is how long will my resource be indexed by time? Very frequent from my clients. Then it depends on the topic, that is, how popular and interesting it is for visitors. But more than strange, search robots read the texts, and people only read the first two or three paragraphs.

Probably something in between should be taken. And from my experience, I can say the following. According to your title, the site will be in the search in about a month. And even earlier, if you fill it with unique content. By the way, talk about the fact that if you advertise in Google, then the resource is indexed faster, Do not believe nonsense and nonsense. 

Well, the site goes to some positions in about three months. And then you can not stop, fill the more the better. And this is the main factor to interest robots to look at your resource. 

External links, yes they have weight, but only from high-ranking sites. But social networks as an addition are a very good tool for promotion. 

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