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How an online store should work for customers

How an online store should work for customers is a question I am asked very often, even by those who do not have their own and are thinking of creating one in the future. There are many examples of large and small trading platforms that work well in the online sales segment.

Well, where to start to sell over the Internet? Of course, with the choice of what you will do. I always recommend a more narrowly focused market, it is not necessary to strive to be a portal, since it requires huge advertising funds. And most of them don't have that much. And most importantly, be able to beautifully describe each position in the store, as it affects the search. That is, only the characteristics of weight, color, packaging, and similar, but how and where you can use the product? I think the meaning is clear. And if you still write interesting articles on your site about your products, that's even better. Well, you will attract the buyer with a great price, which is an order of magnitude lower than that of others, and then the store will make a full profit.

Online sales themselves should not burden the client, that is, there should be a minimum of fields for placing an order. Many payment and delivery methods. A quick order form is mandatory to make it easier for the client and minimize his time to purchase the product. Of course, it is also worth saying about the normal opening of the site in mobile devices and its loading time. Sometimes there is so much popping up that it's disgusting, you want to leave right away.

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