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How a website is run in the USA, a note to those who have low traffic

I have already talked about creating a website for the USA more than once. Now I would like to talk about how, after almost two months of work, my clients overseas are getting along with their resources.

I'll start with the main thing: several articles are added to news modules every day. Moreover, the business owner himself does this as he understood all my instructions, and he likes that he can do it himself with ease. All possible services are filled in , moreover, they are rewritten and supplemented from time to time.

New photos are added  with the correct title and description. All possible social networks are maintained, the number of which is more than 10. Visitors have the opportunity to subscribe to news feeds and a gallery of works. 

Separately, I would like to say about the reviews, the requirements for a point on the map in the USA are more stringent. For a verified company with a check mark, you need to officially pay money to Google. You can advertise only with a company license!

After the above, I advise you to pay attention to our site owners who complain about traffic. Yes, society there is richer, I agree, but whatever one may say, any resource is made with a view to the future.

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