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Help in site promotion

Yes, a frequent question from people who have made or will make a website, an online store. I believe that the word site promotion is applicable to the word advertising, that is, you invest in advertising your resource. For example, you have made a site for furniture and want it to be in the Internet search very quickly. Of course you need to advertise yourself, where everything is just Google.

And the more competition, the more it will cost you sponsored links to be higher. But again, no one guarantees that they will immediately run to you to buy and order, it is advisable to do this when, for example, your competitors have a price of 5 and you have 1.

Adding a site to search engines, maps, social bookmarks and the like is the very first and necessary for it to be on the Internet, and I would not call it promotion, but simply a statement for finding a site on the Internet by its main name.

How not to pay for website advertising and promote it yourself? If you have time and are ready to sit and type unique and interesting articles on your site then everything is fine, you will find the words you need after a while. It all depends on how often you will do this and how interesting you compose on your site topic.

High or low PR, are you chasing him? And this does not mean that you will have a million visitors a day How many times I have changed it before, but the number of visitors does not decrease from this. Keywords on the site and pages, and the description is more correct, that is, descriptions? I will tell you this, if you do not have such words on your site, then it is better not to write them.

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