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4:25 AM
Easy website builders, where the catch lurks

Easy website builders, where the catch lurks. Let's start with the fact that refers to simple control systems, well, we can say that this is when you manage everything directly in the site, and you do not need to edit the code. There are a a lot of templates, you choose the framework (header, slider, sidebar, bottom) for yourself, and you start to change everything to the desired result. Size and fonts themselves, colors and images, well, of course fill the desired text. Well-known designers give a lot of tips, including video training and reference materials. Like, don't be lazy to open, read, look, etc.

All this is convenient and beautiful, but here is the catch. For example, micro-parsing, not all systems will give access to the right places. From my experience, I can say, that sites on such designs with view of the code, not all, of course, but are quite difficult to promote in a search. Or, need to advertise themselves in Google. I also want to add that the one-page sites can be attributed to the same practice. And even if it's made on a complex system.

Of course Google will never open its ranking quality of indexing to a particular website builder. But for the speed of loading pages, they began talking a long time ago. The catch is that the sites in these designs, especially, beautiful and shiny ones, generate a lot of unnecessary code, and this affects a lot!

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