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2:46 AM
An alternative and replacement for the non-working Feedburner service

Now in order, all my and customers' sites were made for subscribers of news modules through the previously mentioned service. It is very convenient, like, a person inserts his mail, when news appears, he receives a message that there is something new on the resource, and you can watch it.

Initially, Feedburner seemed to say that the RSS feed subscription function for previously created feeds would not be disabled. But in fact, nothing works. I personally had about 200 sites made there.

Fortunately, there is a great replacement, namely the service. To begin with, I registered and added my two RSS feeds from news and a blog. By the way, the service is provided for FREE of charge under the terms of the basic plan, the number of your readers does not matter. It is always free for readers! There are other plans. Until Wikipedia wrote an article about the service, it positions itself as global.

Making a subscription is very simple, just insert your own e-mail. After that, they confirmed with a link to the service that it was you. It works faster than Feedburner in my opinion.

Adding an RSS feed to your site is also very easy. Inserted the correct link and the instructions will be sent to the mail. There are two ways, as everywhere else, either a meta tag or an html file in the root of the resource folder. They did, the letter contains link for verification. If everything is fine in the settings, you can rename the tape for the convenience of subscribers.

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