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How long does it take for a site to be well positioned and indexed

How long does it take for a site to be well positioned and indexed? This is probably the most frequent question that customers ask before creating their own resource. Let's start with the main and painful question, the content of the site, how does it differ from competitors? Yes, many people immediately say that they will write volumes and even more about their activities, but only a few are engaged in it with their hands on their hearts.

I agree that not every sphere of activity has a large field for writing, but there is a word of desire that does not pay for advertising, and sometimes there is no financing for the latter. In what words should my site be located? Of course, the most important is the title, although it should be noted that those who have been writing articles for a long time have realized that many other requests have a very good effect on their web resource.

I will take as an example the website of my friend and just a good person. The resource is a little more than five years old, and most importantly, it constantly describes its activities and answers numerous questions from site visitors, more than a hundred of them per day. It is logical that Google and other search engines find its resource very interesting, robots visit it every day for new information, or to put it simply, unique content.

Some people say that this works only in small competition. For those who think that the site is at the top once and for all, there is only advertising for money, and it is not a fact that competitors will not challenge. For an excellent search, at least an hour, provided that it is filled with its content.

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