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What the website should look like according to the customer, expert advice

What the website should look like according to the customer, expert advice. I encounter this quite often and want to express my opinion on this matter. Let’s start with the fact that clients often see beauty on their website rather than functionality. 

The images are of high quality, I agree they are beautiful, this also includes the slides of the main page. Not everyone has gigabit internet. And in the mobile version, the picture is divided into blocks, plus the inscriptions on it sometimes cause irritation when opening it.  

Text blocks in the form of drop-down lists are a plus, I agree, they are convenient and aesthetically pleasing. But more often such beauty does not want to be indexed by search engines. This also includes a bunch of scripts. 

Website promotion. There is always a common understanding with the customer on this issue. But getting people to write articles, or at least doing it in artificial intelligence, is difficult for many. On social networks, many people remember more often about Facebook and Instagram. Frankly speaking, the first one is still somehow found by Google, the second one is promoted only with financial investments.   

A striking example when the client leads everything and listens to the performer’s tips ;)

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