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Webmaster mistakes, or how they can help well because of this

Webmaster mistakes, or how they can help well because of this. Let me start with how this all happens: a young specialist copies text from another site. And forgetting to remove the formatting, he leaves links, or rather, the URL is hidden in the word and he simply did not see it.

Which resources are copied from, correctly from more advanced and well-known ones. And thereby helping them even more. Moreover, I once encountered the fact that they started stealing micro markup from one of my sites by going into the source code. This was during the period when all this, as they say, was born. Webmaster tools now clearly show who is linking to what. And then I was just monitoring requests and saw that someone else’s site, with a completely different topic, appeared in the gallery :)

Another mistake is copying images if you saved and then pasted normally. But if you put it into the editor along with someone else’s text, the picture will link to the source, although you won’t see it! Before adding anything to the site, check it carefully; when copying, you must first paste the text into a regular notepad; many beginners do it in Word and this is incorrect. Run the images through the editor, reduce them, crop them if necessary.

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