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Point on Google map, my business, what to pay attention to

I am increasingly faced with the fact that for many of my new clients Google my business is lame. And of course, this is due to the fact that someone did it many years ago, and then they simply didn’t follow it or thought that everything was fine there and nothing should be touched. They say it already works, why bother?

Time passes and Google changes a lot in its services, my business is no exception. And here it’s worth going in periodically and seeing what can be added or changed there. Because in the future it will give good results in local search results. That is, upon request nearby in your area. If the type of service or product is rare, then maybe further than a city within the country.

What you should pay attention to is, first of all, the completeness of your profile. Name, description, types of activities, schedule, photos, videos, service area, social network profiles. Separately, you should look at the services and goods tabs. Make the categories correctly and add as many as possible. Don't forget about news and promotions. If you have a full-fledged website, you can put a link so that visitors go from news and products.

An important point is reviews for your company. Do not forget that writing a lot, especially for new points, is harmful, since Google will perceive this as a scam and may close you. I also don’t recommend opinions for money; more often this is done from accounts that do not have any rating.

A trick for those who have a store and the like, that is, where you can go. Take the URL address of your point, paste it into the QR code generator , create it, download it, and print it. Write a -10% discount for a review, for example. The buyer shows his opinion on his smartphone and receives a bonus. Tested more than once!

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