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How to make sure that your article is not rewritten

How to make sure that your article is not rewritten? Clients come to me with such a question, well, those who write at least something) In principle, there is no difficulty for a copywriter with experience. The main thing is that he understands, that is, he was at least a little in the subject. Moreover, with the advent of ChatGPT and Google Bard, everything becomes even easier for small notes.

The same Google understands texts in different languages ​​as separate. For example, we have those who take from foreign blogs, simply translate and finish it with their hands. Well, on the contrary, they take ours and pass it off as their own. And the article becomes unique in a couple of clicks and a little time. I can tell you on my subjects, in rich countries they often write at a minimum. And sometimes a lot of fun, due to the smaller vocabulary. For example, when I was still a hare, I crimped the twisted pair badly, when I became a wolf, others do it for me. 

The hardest thing to understand is whether your texts will be read en masse except for search engines and people. The uniqueness of the text is also achieved by the manner in which information is presented. The user must take the most necessary from the article, and most importantly, to interest him, write a comment in the messenger, call, send a question to the mail. Well, or bookmark the site for the future. Of course, this applies to sales and services.

It is very easy to copy and rewrite any article if you understand how to do it, and most importantly, check it later! That's why I always tell customers, even though it's hard for many, still invent it yourself. Let it be crooked, let it be ugly, but yours. 

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