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How an RSS feed contributes to better indexing

Although many people do not know what RSS is, it is not important to them, and in part they are right. In the age of high-speed Internet, few people express a desire to read news feeds in simple text form. But it works very well for a website subscription tool. And contributes to better indexing of the resource.

In professional terms, the RSS feed should be added as a link to Google Webmaster Tools, and here's why. The sitemap in many systems is generated from time to time, and sometimes it needs to be done manually. And RSS is similar in structure to sitemap.xml. And if the new link of the dynamic module does not immediately appear in the map, it will end up in RSS. And from there, Google will find it. What matters is how often the information on the site changes and what the history of the resource is.

Google has stopped providing full support for its feedburner, but it understands links very well. If your site has a news, blog or similar module, be sure to ask your site manager to add an RSS feed. For example, in the same WordPress it looks like this: domain_site_name/feed . According to the settings of the latter, there are a ton of instructions.

From experience in creating and promoting websites, I can say that RSS must be present, and this is in my own, humble opinion.

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